The Post’s Jerry Markon reports in Liberty, Mo.:

To hear Mitt Romney tell it, you’d think that no actual voters were going to the polls today.

Mitt Romney speaks as he visits a Republican presidential caucus at William Jewell College, Tuesday, in Liberty, Missouri. (DAVE KAUP/REUTERS)

Instead, Romney ignored his Republican rivals and focused on President Obama, employing his standard critiques of Obama’s stewardship of the economy, the health care system, gas prices and U.S. national security.

“The President made some promises when he was a candidate,” Romney told several hundred cheering supporters late Tuesday afternoon at William Jewell College, a private liberal arts school in this Kansas City suburb. “He said he was going to cut the deficit in half, and he doubled it. He said if we let him borrow $787 billion, he’d hold unemployment below eight percent. It has not been below eight percent since. He said he’d cut taxes for middle-income Americans. Are your taxes down? No.”

“The President is out of ideas, he’s out of excuses and so, in 2012, we’ve got to make sure he’s out of office. That’s your job,” Romney concluded.

The event was billed as an informational session about Saturday’s caucuses, but Romney did not mention them until the end of his speech, and only barely at that. “I need you guys to caucus. I need you to get out and vote for me. … I’m the only one in this race who can beat Barack Obama,” he implored.

The crowd seemed receptive. Romney closed to a standing ovation, whooping and cheering and chants of “Mitt! Mitt!”