TAMPA — Former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani stumped for Mitt Romney in Florida on Thursday, telling a crowd at Republican Party state headquarters in Tampa that voters could spark an economic recovery by choosing the GOP presidential candidate.

Giuliani told the crowd that Florida “saved” the nation from Al Gore in 2000, when the state played a pivotal role in the recount after the presidential election.

“The truth is, 10, 12 states are going to decide this election,” he said. “You’re right in the middle. If you make the right decision — if you support Governor Romney, if you get him elected here in Florida — I think the economy gets rolling.”

Giuliani described President Obama as “anti-business and anti-jobs,” saying that the economy will not recover if he is reelected. Giuliani criticized Obama for not meeting with his jobs council in 191 days and yet finding time to hold many fundraisers during that time. The White House has said Obama has been in frequent touch with council members about economic ideas.

Florida went to Obama in 2008, but George W. Bush (R) won the state in the previous two presidential elections. Speaking to reporters about how Romney could win the state, Giuliani said he should highlight what he can do about jobs — “his policies of lower taxes, his policies of lightening up in a sensible way on regulations, and actually his policy of just being pro-business, talking nice about business.”

Giuliani suggested Obama should stop complaining that Republicans have twisted comments the president made about business owners not building their companies alone.

“I see [those remarks] in the context of fiver years of comments that he’s made, that lead up to the inevitable conclusion that this man is ant-business, anti-profit, he doesn’t know how to get out of his own way.”