Massachusetts is where Mitt Romney won with his widest margin in this year’s GOP primaries to date, taking 72 percent in last month’s nominating contest.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R). (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

The Boston Globe reports that according to two state committee members, some prominent Romney backers – including 2010 gubernatorial nominee Charlie Baker and Kerry Healy, Romney’s former lieutenant governor – did not win spots at the national convention.

In their stead will be supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), according to the Globe report.

Massachusetts has a total of 41 delegates – 27 who were elected at nine district caucuses on Saturday; three who are Republican National Committee members; and 11 who will be elected at the statewide committee meeting in June.

All of those chosen as the state’s GOP delegates are bound to vote for Romney at the national convention, according to the state GOP rules.

Still, the failure by some of Romney’s top supporters to win convention spots is an unexpected bump in the road for the former Massachusetts governor on his home turf.

It’s also the latest instance of Ron Paul supporters’ aggressive delegate strategy at work, which throws an element of unpredictability into the convention process.