Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday, a gesture that isn’t likely to have much of an effect on Romney’s support among GOP voters.

A Washington Post-Pew R esearch Center poll taken in January showed that only 13 percent of Republicans said they were more likely to support a candidate who won Trump’s endorsement.

But Trump — and thereby Romney — got the attention of the Twitterverse with the announcement. Twitter traffic about Romney spiked around 4 p.m. ET Thursday, just after the brief news conference at which Trump announced his pick.

Romney ended the week with more Twitter mentions than any of his Republican rivals on the @MentionMachine leaderboard for the second week in a row, with almost 50,000 more mentions than either Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul.

Early reports indicated that Gingrich would be the recipient of Trump’s endorsement, which caused a spike in Twitter mentions about him on Thursday, too, though not as high as the spike that followed Herman Cain’s endorsement of him on Tuesday.

Here’s the final @MentionMachine leaderboard for the week:


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