Here we go again. Donald Trump is flirting with a run for the White House. And he’s also got a book to sell. (Who doesn’t?).

Let’s just pretend for a second that those two things are completely unrelated and go along with it, just as we did in the the spring, when Trump choppered his way into New Hampshire, cruised through that early primary state in a black stretch limo, and shook a few hands along the way declaring that he just might announce a run for the White House, but only after his reality show had wrapped up for the season.

Donald Trump, a real estate mogul, is out with a new book next month, and is said to be considering a White House bid. (Mike Coppola/GETTY IMAGES FOR TRUMP INTERNATI)

It’s hard to juggle a reality show with a White House bid, after all. (But didn’t we think that President Obama crushed Trump’s fantasy White House bid, and birther talk, with that scathing routine at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner?). Nope.

So, the book, due out Dec. 5, is called “Time To Get Tough,” is a political one, where Trump expounds on his view of the world. As in, Obama bad, Trump very good. And also very rich. As in $270 million cash-on-hand, according to the book, that the real-estate mogul could spend on a White House bid at any given moment.

“Anything is possible, we are certainly at the present moment, keeping all options open,” said Michael Cohen, a Trump aide. “If he is not happy with who the GOP nominates, he might mount an independent run.”

Trump has had an audience with nearly all of the GOP candidates (except Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. and Ron Paul), and just yesterday, he met with Michele Bachmann, who called Trump “everybody’s best friend.”

Though apparently he might not be feeling to friendly towards this current field — he will endorse in January or February, or if he doesn’t warm to anyone, by June, he could be ready to roll out a plan to mount a five-month, mega-expensive race for the White House.

“I already have the methodology necessary to ensure that Mr. Trump is on every ballot in every state,” Cohen said.

But why wait until June?

That’s when the Celebrity Apprentice wraps up for the season.


Trump made quite a splash when he considered traveled to New Hampshire, twice, and gave speeches that criticized Obama for being soft on China, and for possibly being born outside of the United States. That didn’t go so well for Trump. But now he’s back. And he’s got a book to sell and a White House bid to consider.

Not that those two things are related.

At all.