If there was any doubt who the New Hampshire Union Leader was referring to in favorably comparing Newt Gingrich against a candidate “who tells us what he thinks we want to hear,” then publisher Joseph W. McQuaid likely cleared up any doubt Monday.

Speaking on Fox News, McQuaid, who penned the paper’s Sunday endorsement of Gingrich, made a strong pitch against Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor will likely be on the receiving end of repeated criticism from the paper, while Gingrich is praised.

“We don’t think he’s got it,” McQuaid said. “We think he’s the managerial type, but he’s sort of a blank slate— he’s going to go with the winds too much. And I think, and this is crazy but so are we: Gingrich is going to have a better time in the general election than Mitt Romney. I think it’s going to be Obama’s 99 versus the 1 percent and Romney sort of represents the 1 percent,” McQuaid said.

See the video below.