A new AP Poll suggests not much has changed since Paul Ryan got the VP nod; President Obama and Mitt Romney are still locked in a dead heat at 47 percent to 46 percent.

Tuesday's WSJ-NBC poll gave Obama a four-point lead, with voters split on Ryan.

Pew finds low ratings for Ryan (but also for Biden's performance). But in the latest Washington Post-ABC News survey, Ryan's favorability rating has gone up a bit -- and he's actually more popular among seniors.

So over a week later, there's no Ryan "bounce" -- except maybe in Wisconsin.

(According to 538's Nate Silver, the average VP bounce is around four points. )

UPDATE: A couple of caveats worth adding. 1) A lot happened in the past month that makes it hard to single out Ryan's effect -- for example, Romney's uneven trip abroad. 2) Ryan was announced unusually early, so there's no convention-related boost.