Back in budget season, Ann Curry, then co-host of the “Today” show, gave it to Paul Ryan. And his famous plan: “Where is the empathy in this budget? ... Do you acknowledge that poor people will suffer under this budget? That you have shown a lack of empathy to poor people in this budget?” Curry asked the congressman in an April interview.

Curry assumed center stage for a moment last night at the Media Research Center’s 25th Anniversary DisHonors Awards Gala at a marvelously appointed National Building Museum. She received the “Damn Those Conservatives to Hell Award” for her poverty-related grilling of Ryan, laying waste to CNN’s Piers Morgan for a rant against Rush Limbaugh, whose “disgusting comments [about Sandra Fluke] are the work of an archaic old dinosaur living in a warped, ugly swamp, who thinks it’s okay to degrade decent young women for sport and ratings. Well, it isn’t. Shame on you, Rush Limbaugh,”said Morgan. Curry also bested the Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman for saying that Mitt Romney was playing “to the kind of nativist base of the Tea Party. And by nativist, I mean people who are, in essence, afraid of the world ....The Republican Party is going to cripple itself beyond recognition if they don’t quit being xenophobes, which is what they’re doing here now.”

Morgan, of course, was factually correct about Limbaugh. How Curry squeaked past Fineman in the eyes of the MRC judges — who included Limbaugh himself, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin — escapes me.