Politico reporter Patrick Gavin’s preview of the Aspen Ideas Festival includes this line about why the event is so chill: “Aspen’s rich residents are fairly used to hobnobbing with notables, and the town’s secluded location makes it too much of a hassle for paparazzi to bother with.”

How could Gavin forget the Heidi Klum incident? This was a few years back, when a paparazzo bumped into a construction worker while staking out the supermodel. A kerfuffle ensued. This Vail Daily story on the incident suggests that paparazzi frequent the resort town.

Which is not to say they’ll be anywhere near this year’s event. After all, can’t you grab an easy shot of James Fallows coming out of the Atlantic Monthly office right here in D.C.?

Fallows is on the institute’s list of speakers for this week’s gathering. Check it out: If you were a paparazzo, which of the folks on the list would you want/need to ambush? We’ll print the A’s just to provide some flavor: Feisal Abdul Rauf; Carol Adelman; Kenneth Adelman; Stephen J. Adler; Priya Agrawal; David Agus; Liaquat Ahamed; Ellen Alberding; Mike Allen; Michael W. Allman; Paola Antonelli; Michael Arad; Lance Armstrong; Mara G. Aspinall; David Axelrod.