The New York Post’s scoop on GOP donors perceiving Michele Bachmann as Jewish hasn’t gain traction among competing media outlets in the United States.

It’s doing a touch better in Israel, where Ha’aretz has recycled the story with no apparent skepticism:

According to reports in the American media, some Jewish Republicans have opened their wallets to Michele solely because of her pseudo-Semitic surname. In real life, the Congresswoman from Minnesota is an Evangelical Christian.

Romney had reportedly hoped to cash in on a shift from by Jewish voters disillusioned with Barack Obama’s performance on Mideast. But Bachmann, with her kosheresque moniker, is apparently drawing support thanks to a mere accident of marriage (her single name was Amble). To make matters worse, in a game where every possible scenario is discussed, this is an unexpected eventuality.

Emphasis added to showcase the false plural. Near as the Erik Wemple blog can determine, the only original report to make this allegation comes from the New York Post. And that report quoted not a single donor who succumbed to the surname confusion.

We’ve reached out to Ha’aretz to ask whether they have any suspicions about the New York Post’s reporting and have yet to hear back.