CNN, when you put Piers Morgan together with Michele Bachmann, you have a captive audience at the Erik Wemple Blog. These two clashed in a memorable March segment, getting touchy over gay rights. After trying to duck Morgan’s persistent questioning, Bachmann declared she’d “had enough.”

In the interview above, Morgan corners Bachmann on who’d be better for women: Romney or Obama?

The Minnesota congresswoman thereupon pulled off one of the greatest logical elisions about women and energy in the history of modern cable television.

In response to Morgan’s question, Bachmann said Romney would be a better candidate for women; Morgan replied that the polling wasn’t with her; Bachmann, sounding a bit Gallupian, told Morgan he should “disaggregate the data” between married women, who “tend to support Mitt Romney more,” and single women, who “tend to support Barack Obama more.”

Though the backdrop of the interview was the Republican National Convention floor, Bachmann’s next point

Single women are going to do a lot better under an Obama administration because they’ll pay half the price for gasoline if Mitt Romney is president, because gasoline has more than doubled under Barack Obama. And we have a very aggressive energy plan for Mitt Romney, and when women go to fill up their car and pay double for gasoline, that’s not going to help many women.

Would have appreciated a follow-up or two from Morgan on the gender dynamics of gas pricing. I remember being a single man and caring as much, if not more than my single female counterparts about prices at the pump.

That said, a recent poll did identify “jobs and the economy” as the top preoccupation U.S. women.