Apocalyptical, ideologically rigid firebrand Glenn Beck faces down unapocalyptical, ideologically flexible Bill O’Reilly in a segment on GBTV. What could be juicier?

A rerun of just about anything.

During this nearly 10-minute segment these two giants of pay TV discuss the Republican presidential candidates. “Discuss” is there for a purpose: no jousting, no electric back and forth.

A disagreement did surface, following Beck’s request for O’Reilly’s take on former senator Rick Santorum. Here’s how O’Reilly handled that one:

I like the senator but he is an ideologue and I don’t think this is the time in American history for an ideological guy in the office. I think we need a problem solver, primarily an economic problem solver, and I think the ideology has to take a back seat until we get the economy straightened out.

To which Beck said this:

What what what what what: How do you — I don’t even know where to start on that one.

With a huge portrait of Abraham Lincoln beside him, Beck argued in favor of a national leader driven by ideology.

How do you fix something without an ideology? You don’t even know what tools are available if you don’t say, ‘My ideology says we’re using this set of tools.’ Barack Obama’s ideology puts you into the Marxist box, so he knows exactly what tools to get.

From there onward, well, click on the video below if you should care. There is a little discussion of the 16th president of the United States, though if you want insight on that topic, Wikipedia makes for a smarter deployment.