Washington cannot stop commenting on a report that Vice President Joe Biden, in a meeting with Democratic House members, said that tea party Republicans had “acted like terrorists.”

Condemnatons and rounds of applause are popping up all over the Internet. All of which is predictable.

At this point, Biden should come forward, address the public, and...credit the originator of the Republicans-as-terrorists line. Huffington Post Executive Business Editor Peter S. Goodman on July 25 wrote that Republicans “are acting like terrorists.”

So the only difference between Biden’s alleged remark and Goodman’s is one of verb tense: Biden used the preterite tense because he was talking about the past; Goodman, writing more than a week ago, used the present progressive because things were still going on.

Oh, one more difference: Biden hasn’t yet retracted the alleged remark; Goodman pulled his off the Web after some people started complaining and then tried to fashion an evasive editor’s note to wash away the entire thing. Perhaps he’s now feeling vindicated? The Erik Wemple blog will inquire.