Bill O’Reilly is developing a habit. Weeks ago, he ran a segment on his Fox News show addressing some remarks that actress Ellen Barkin had made. In the segment, he argued in essence that Barkin was a minor character whose thoughts don’t matter. Then he ran another segment and said the same thing.

Last night, he devoted his entire weekly segment with Bernard Goldberg to comments from conservative critic David Frum. In a CNN appearance, Frum had said: “We know, for example, that people who watch a lot of Fox come away knowing a lot less about important world events.”

Then came a classic “of course” moment from O’Reilly: “Not that he’s an important guy, Frum. He’s a contributor on CNN and this and that.”

Doing what he does best, Goldberg left absolutely no room between his opinion and that of O’Reilly: “To agree with what you said in the lead — I’ll bet you $10,000 that there aren’t two people watching us tonight who care what David Frum thinks about them or just about anything else.”(On another point, Goldberg told O’Reilly: “I agree with every word you just said — every word.”)

Toward the end of the segment, Goldberg called Frum an “intellectual who’s frustrated because he doesn’t have the clout that you [O’Reilly] have.” And this: “He’s not worth going after.”

Nah, he isn’t. But if Frum is half as relevant as Barkin, get ready for some more O’Reilly segments on him. Just to hammer away at his irrelevance, of course.