Bill O’Reilly regularly pulls off great works of logic and rhetoric on his eponymous and popular show, the “O’Reilly Factor.” But Tuesday night brought a special treat for O’Reilly regulars.

Get out a microscope. Your reading glasses. Your best analytical temperament. Because you’re going to be straining to find any contradictions, any disconnects, any mixed messages in this O’Reilly monologue. Scrub away:

Now I’ll be going down to Tampa on Wednesday and we’ll have heavyweight coverage all this week. But it will not be Republicans are good, the Democrats are bad or vice versa. We’re not in the business of promoting any political party. My mandate is to watch all of the powerful so that they don’t harm you. I’ve always believed that most folks are smart enough to decide for themselves for whom they want to vote. But being smart means paying attention, which is why you’re watching the ‘Factor’ right now. So, we will give you a lot of inside stuff this week. And we begin tonight with what is really happening, really happening at the conventions. We have to start with the Democrats because the Republicans are largely reacting to what the president and his crew are doing. For example, the speakers at the Republican convention have largely been selected to negate Democratic propaganda, while the speakers at the Democratic convention next week in Charlotte are largely on stage to inflame the liberal base. The strategy for the Republicans is persuade the mind, right here [points to head]. The strategy for the Democrats seems to be persuade the heart. Hearts vs. minds is a theme this year. The GOP presentation is largely fact-based: President Obama is screwing up the economy, gasoline prices through the roof, your economic future is shaky. On the Democratic side, they want you to believe that the Romney-Ryan ticket’s extreme, that those guys want to hurt you by making the rich richer and ignoring the plight of the working man....I think it’s accurate to say that the Democratic Party is out there ideologically while the Republican Party is trying to be a bit more moderate.

O’Reilly went on pretty much like that till he got to his kicker line: “All Americans should consider one question above all: Who is best suited to solve the complex problems that are vexing this country?” What a neutral guy.