(Photo illustration by Justin Metz/Bloomberg Businessweek)

Another hit from the designers at Bloomberg Businessweek. Is there any better way to capture the 24-7 headache of a divided Washington? See an eye-pleasing archive of many, many more Bloomberg Businessweek covers here.

One thing that pops out from the samples is clear storytelling and absolute unpredictability. “You never know from week to week what they’re going to put on their cover and how they’re going to play it,” said Robert Newman in an interview earlier this year with the Erik Wemple Blog. Newman, a magazine industry creative guru, said the message coming from the Businessweek designs “really reminds me of alt-weekly covers. It feels like it’s one guy sitting in a room making it up in a day. . . . There’s a certain kind of energy and passion to it.”

(Photo illustration by Justin Metz/BloombergBusinessweek)