Commend the prolific Business Insider for ambition, and not necessarily for a realistic understanding of the journalism labor market. In an ad for a new reporter to cover the advertising business, the outfit is seeking the following credentials:

1) Have a working knowledge of Madison Avenue.

2) Be comfortable navigating company financial statements.

3) Impress us with your video, digital and multimedia skills.

4) Be obsessed with traffic -- how to build it, how to manage it.

5) Know how to use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to make a story go viral.

6) Know how to craft stories with great SEO.

7) Be funny.

Other requirements include the ability to do several stories per day, written with impeccable grammar and punctuation and delivered in an impeccably wrapped gift box including bow.

So what’s the salary for a once-in-a-lifetime talent like this, Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget? Two-hundred and fifty thousand per year plus car and driver and dry-cleaning service? “Commensurate with experience and talent!” answers Blodget.