Charlene A. Mullins wasn’t happy with the Erik Wemple Blog for having featured the photo shown at left in a blog post. It’s a controversial Associated Press (AP) shot of Mitt Romney in mid-crouch in front of a group of schoolchidren in Fairfield, Va. Mullins, a 70-year-old resident of Massachusetts, sent an e-mail to the Erik Wemple Blog, citing her concerns about the photo and beyond:

I was disgusted by your use of the Romney photo (with children). A similar photo of Pres. Obama would never have been printed. If I were the [parent] of one of the children in the photo, I would be furious! I cannot believe how biased the media is today. Instead of making sure the public is informed of what is going on, nothing negative appears about the president while the focus is on Gov Romney, no matter the insignificance of the topic.

I used to be proud of the media and aspired to be a part of it. Now I am embarrassed and ashamed of the fools the media is making of the American people. Rather than fair and open reporting, it is replete with left-wing preferential ideas and discourse.

Sheree Gillespie is the principal of Fairfield Elementary School, the spot where Romney had stopped Monday for an impromptu visit and where his crouch was captured by the AP. When asked this morning whether she had received any parental complaints about coverage of the Romney visit, Gillespie responded, “Nothing was brought to my attention.”