Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik is mad at NBC over the hiring of Chelsea Clinton for a rare reporting gig. On Howard Kurtz’s “Reliable Sources” yesterday, he fumed about Clinton’s leapfrogging an entire cohort of people who prepare themselves for jobs such as the one she got for herself:

At a time when young people who have played by the rules, who have gone to college, who have worked hard are camping out in American cities because the system has failed them in some ways in terms of providing them jobs: To take another member of that elite — the 1 percent — and give them one of those jobs is really a dispiriting message to the people in this country, where we are right now. In terms of cynicism, I can’t think of a more cynical message right now and it’s very upsetting that they would be that insensitive to what’s going on in this country with the lack of jobs right now.

Kurtz then jumped in, saying that he’d reached someone in the Clinton camp on this matter. Chelsea Clinton, as Kurtz revealed, “sees this as a vehicle to extend her work about ‘making a difference.’ She doesn’t want to be the next Barbara Walters.”

So she has scant journalism experience and she doesn’t aspire to be a star? If you’re NBC, that’s dispiriting.