New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) just got finished disappointing the country with his flat and predictable oration on the country’s problems. It wasn’t so much the content — he struck just about all of the notes that a solid Republican keynoter might hit. It wasn’t so much the delivery, either — he managed some decent rhetorical inflection here and there.

It’s just that everyone wanted the press-conference Chris Christie to show up. You know him — he’s the guy who takes a question from someone, tells a joke and then delivers a nice verbal whipping. Everyone laughs, and he repeats the exercise.

Enjoy the Christie Encounters Reel embedded above. There is: footage of Christie shouting down a woman in a town hall; Christie telling someone they’re thin-skinned because they ought to see him when he’s really pissed; Christie lecturing a “Gail” that where he sends his kids to school is “none of your business”; Christie shouting down some guy; and Christie telling people to “get the hell off the beach.” That’s how we know and love Chris Christie.

To deliver his bravado and personality, Christie must have an adversary, an idiot or at least someone who’s mad and disagrees with him. The keynote speech platform furnished no such luxury, leaving Christie all alone with his words and his applause lines.

Next time he has a shot at a national audience, the solution will be simple. Replace the teleprompters with reporters, ideally sniveling and whiny reporters. Let them ask all kinds of questions. Career back on track!