In an address at an Accuracy In Media event, former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell said:

We are at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role of that the media plays in whether we maintain a free democracy or not.

Later in the speech, Caddell calls the press the “enemy of the American people.”

One of Caddell’s examples?

Right here. It’s a story by Caddell on deploring the lack of aggressiveness among the media in asking why on earth key White House aide Valerie Jarrett has a Secret Service detail.

In the wake of the USSS revelation, the press could be asking all sorts of questions: Who made this decision? How much is this costing? Does Jarrett drive her own car — or do those same Secret Service agents chauffeur her around? Most likely, the MSM will not ask any of these questions.

But hold on one second — how do we even know that Jarrett had Secret Service protection to begin with? Oh, that would be a story in the NEW YORK TIMES.

Another case in point for Caddell’s media rant is Libya: How the media hammered Romney for his quick and misguided response and how they haven’t inquired nearly enough about the changing Obama administration explanations on the origins of the Benghazi assault. There is no question that the Obama and his deputies need to face far more persistent questioning on this front.

Yet, again, what American institution is producing thoroughly investigated reports on the administration’s shaky accounting vis-a-vis Benghazi? The mainstream media. So Caddell and many others are using information generated by the media to attack the media. Fun times.

If only Caddell would storm the White House briefing room and show the same ferocity that he spouts in front of a group of media critics! Then perhaps he could demonstrate how the media function as a friend of the American people.

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