Blather on contemporary political events is available every day on the cable nets. Panels of talking heads are always getting together to analyze and fulminate.

On big primary nights, though, there’s a grand opportunity to break the monotone. Election results are streaming in, and they’re just dying to be broken down and mapped out. And that’s why my primary-night channel surfing hovers on CNN when John King is doing his thing on the electronic electoral map.

Click on the video above for a bout of prime primary electo-geekery. King is discussing returns in some of Michigan’s most populous counties. Here’s a partial transcript:

Why is Gov. Romney winning the state? Forty percent of the vote now counted statewide, Gov. Romney up 41 percent to 38 percent. You see all this purple — you say how can that be? Well, that’s because the votes that matter the most — you have more votes in places where you have a bigger population. These Detroit suburbs right here, as Dana noted Gov. Romney once lived in Bloomfield Hills right here in Oakland County. He also lived in Detroit at one point of his life and in those areas — Wayne County, Oakland County, and Macomb County next door — he’s running up some pretty good margins. That makes it hard in these more populated areas he’s running up big margins. The question is we’ll overlay that with the congressional district map but that’s the value of having reporters on the scene. We’re up to 67 percent with that count. The state has only reported 17 percent of that vote so far.

Some of it is a little gibberishy. Some of it is a bit disjointed. One observation errs a bit on the obvious side (i.e., lots of votes in populous areas). And let me stop on the part about the congressional district overlay. King loves talking about the C.Ds:

We still need to see how the delegates break down congressional district by congressional district....

If you look at the rest of the state, [Romney is ] also winning in the areas right around there. There are a half-dozen congressional districts right in this little strip down here because of the population centers, Governor Romney is going to win those congressional districts. There are three right here in the western part of the state. Senator Santorum is going to win those.

There are some fights under way for some other C.D.s, some newly drawn congressional districts. This up here is one of them from here up, and it looks like a pretty tight battle here because these are small counties. We will have to watch that come in. There’s another one here, and there’s another one in the middle here that Santorum will probably win, but we need to count that up.

On primary nights, I’ll take as much talk of county-congressional district overlap as I can get. Just cool it on the political-panel blather.