In the scorekeeping world of cable news, CNN put some points on the board last night. The big get: “Exclusive: Sarah Palin just voted in Alaska.”

Consistent with its boots-on-the-ground approach to covering the Republican primaries, CNN had placed a correspondent, Paul Vercammen, in Palin’s town of Wasilla. CNN Washington Bureau Chief Sam Feist told the Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone about the event: “I can’t say there was an expectation that Sarah Palin would be there. We were there to cover the caucus, and Sarah Palin showed up.”

Fox News, the television home of Palin, took note, as Greta Van Susteren tweeted, “Gov Palin on CNN?”

The only problem with this act of CNN enterprise was what it ended up producing: an interview with Sarah Palin. Over too many minutes with Vercammen, Palin sounded a lot like the way she does on her forgettable and content-free Fox segments. Click on the video above if you care to hear her say anything more on her policy priorities or her take on a prolonged primary battle.