On CNN yesterday, “Reliable Sources” host Howard Kurtz had a chat with Joe Williams, the controversial reporter who was suspended from Politico — and later separated therefrom — for making some touchy comments on Twitter and television about Mitt Romney and other topics. In a reference to this story by FishbowlDC, Kurtz asks whether problems in Williams’s personal life are a fair part of the story.

Williams: “I don’t think that . . . what my personal life involves has anything to do with how I do my job.”

Kurtz then replies with standard media-critic cant: “But didn’t you make yourself fair game — in other words, once you become scrutinized, people are going to look at all aspects of not just your journalism but of your life.”

What Kurtz appears to be outlining here is an inevitability. And an unfortunate inevitability at that. Still waiting to hear how Williams’s family relationships impact his opinions on Romney, or anything else.