A debate between Piers Morgan and a major international figure on the morality of homosexuality loses a bit of its impact when an interpreter is in the middle of things. Yet CNN’s Piers Morgan manages to get his point across with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, asking him how he’d handle things if any of his children turned out to be homosexual (see 2:19). “The education system must be revamped; the political system must be revamped,” responds the Iranian president, outlining something of a strategy to head off gayness. The two also quarrel over whether sexuality is a matter of choice or birth.

Morgan called Ahmadinejad’s remarks “really quite extreme bigotry,” while noting that they really weren’t anything new. Going toe to toe with Ahmadinejad on these questions should boost Morgan’s bona fides as one of television’s premier homophobia cops.

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