We know that CNN analyst Roland Martin has little compunction about spreading homophobia via Twitter. Last night, Martin used that platform to advocate beatings for guys who enjoyed watching the David Beckham underwear ad in the Super Bowl.

But has he done likewise on CNN?

A review of CNN transcripts over the past three months turns up negative. Though topics such as gay marriage come up every so often in discussions that include Martin, the analyst hasn’t veered into anything approaching the thuggishness that he advocated on Super Bowl night.

Take this Jan. 10 discussion as an example. It features a number of CNN voices, including James Carville, Ari Fleischer and corpse-urination advocate Dana Loesch. As the group discusses the ongoing Republican primary race, Martin jumps in with these comments regarding candidate Rick Santorum:

Then he goes to New Hampshire and gets into an argument with a college student over the whole issue of gay marriage. When you have a compressed schedule, only had seven days to make an impression, you need to be focused on the economy.

And so, I’m sitting there going, why is he even having this conversation? I mean, as if he didn’t understand -- look, the economy is the fundamental issue. And a lot of evangelicals have been talking about social conservative issues in South Carolina, remember, it’s one of the poorer states in the Union as well. And so, the economy will be a driving issue, even in that state.


The subject of gays came up again in an early-December CNN discussion. It was about that no-longer-so-famous Rick Perry ad that disses gays. Martin chimes in:

Look, I’m a Christian. My wife is a pastor.

This is a desperation ad. This is Governor Rick Perry who is trying to appeal to social conservatives in Iowa to somehow raise his profile because he is buried in the poll numbers.

Bottom line is: he is — he has been inept when it comes to debate, so he’s trying to push those buttons by talking about Christmas, talking about gays in the military. But it’s not working with the most critical issue out there, the economy.

This is a Hail Mary that nobody is catching.

Clean again!

And just last week, Martin participated in a discussion about the death of “Soul Train” impresario Don Cornelius. The back-and-forth that ensued came up in a Nexis search of the term “gay”:

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN: And today, we are honoring Don Cornelius, the founder of “Soul Train.” That was something, 35 years?

JOHN FUGELSANG: Thirty-five.

ROLAND MARTIN: Thirty-five years and he owned the show.

O’BRIEN: Wow, ka-ching.

MARTIN: The first African American who owned a syndicated show.

O’BRIEN: Ka-ching.

So we are honoring his legacy and his memory with the music from the acts that he made famous from listening to Marvin Gaye.

MARTIN: Tammi Terrell.

Clean a third time!