Ann Coulter today on “Morning Joe” went ad hominem — make that ad homines — against two longtime public servants, using nasty language in references to the late Ted Kennedy and John McCain. Host Joe Scarborough has spent a fair amount of social-media energy in the intervening hours distancing himself from his guest’s vileness. Each tweet — e.g., “John McCain is a great American hero. All of us at Morning Joe thank him for his service to America. He is a great man.” — reads like a painful apology from someone who doesn’t apologize well. This is clearly killing Scarborough. Here’s a guy who, just today, noted that he’s reduced to tears once every decade. He’s a tough guy, strong in all respects. Hates to admit when he’s wrong and burns up when his show does an injustice to people he respects, especially a deceased person. So if it hurts as much as it appears to, why not just say no more Coulter? That shouldn’t be too hard; it was Coulter’s first appearance on the show, according to Mediaite.