Dan Rather has been making the rounds to promote his book, “Rather Outspoken.” He’s been on “Good Morning America” and “The Diane Rehm Show,” among other stops on the circuit. On his CNN show “Reliable Sources” yesterday, host Howard Kurtz said Rather had been invited to appear on the show. Rather didn’t politely decline;instead, says Kurtz via e-mail, “Rather simply didn’t respond to my email.”

Perhaps that’s because Kurtz, as he made plain in the segment, doesn’t think too highly of the former CBS star’s stubborn loyalty to his reporting on the George W. Bush-National Guard story.

“Why is Dan Rather still pushing and defending this story, this discredited story?” Kurtz asked his panel. Another question: “Is he, by still continuing to push this, ensuring that this will play a more prominent role when people write the legacy of his career, when his eventual obituary is written?”

The panel ended things by discussing whether Rather has been courageous throughout this drama. (Bonus: The panel also takes on the matter of Politico’s approach to blogging.)