On Fox News’ “On the Record” last night, Dick Morris was forced to account for his wrong prediction of a Mitt Romney landslide. In part he blames his miss on the weather, making some strange argument about how Superstorm Sandy screwed things up. The rest amounts to an indictment of his self-proclaimed expertise: “I said when I gave those predictions that if we have the same turnout pattern we had in ’08, obviously Obama’s going to win. And then I went on to say that wouldn’t happen. I said ’08 was an excrescence; it was an outlier year and in ’10 it went back to normal. Well, I was wrong. ’08 was not an outlier year.”

“Excrescence,” huh? That means an “abnormal outgrowth,” kind of like a wart or something. And it’s really close in the dictionary to a more relevant term to describe Morris’s analysis: “excrement.”