Herewith an early nomination for longtime Washington hand Ed Rogers as MVP (most valuable pundit) of the 2012 presidential race.

In the segment above with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly and Michael Meehan of the 2004 John Kerry campaign, Rogers — a veteran of the Reagan White House and the first Bush White House, a co-founder of the BGR Group, and one of the authors of The Post’s Insiders blog — delivers the following:

* A phenomenal accent. Check out how he says “combined” at the 4:28 point;

* A statuesque TV presence. Torso motionless, gaze straight ahead. Perfect, just like his hair and glasses;

* Understated confidence and interjective brilliance. Check out 3:31, where Meehan is talking about a certain movement among swing voters. Rogers butts in to say, “That didn’t happen,” and does it without coming off as a jerk.

Again at 6:18, Meehan is talking about the prospect of President Obama keeping his lead in a state like Virginia. “If he keeps those kinds of leads in those kinds of states, he’s going to win reelection....” In the midst of that, Rogers tucks in this comment: “He won’t.” I have never seen a more skilled cable-TV interrupter.