Last night I predicted that the much-awaited correction on “Fox & Friends” for its graphic saying that the “real” unemployment rate had doubled under President Obama would read like this:

Now, moving on to a bit of housekeeping, yesterday, in a segment on unemployment, we mixed up a couple of numbers on national unemployment rates and trends over recent years. We just wanted to clear that up.

The real thing just went down on Fox’s air, and this is what they said:

Brian Kilmeade: Hey, I want to clarify a graphic we used on the show yesterday. We were comparing the real unemployment rate to when Obama took office, President Obama took office. The real rate includes those working part-time because of economic reasons.

Gretchen Carlson: So the real unemployment rate right now, 14.7 percent. The percentage when the president took office should have read 14.2 percent, not 7.8 percent.

The record shows that “Fox & Friends” exceeded my expectations, which is not a tough thing to do. To what Kilmeade and Carlson said, I’d add only one line: The mistake nullified the point of the entire presentation, which was to make the administration look as bad as possible.