Think there’s a mind meld between Fox News and a guy like Newt Gingrich? In the clip above, Steve Doocy compliments Gingrich and also endorses the former speaker’s proprietary rhetorical buzzwords. All in a single question:

Doocy: You made a great point yesterday on Meet the Press that the elite media---you know, they’re not bringing up the cost of gas; they’re not bringing up the deficit. They’re not bringing up a lot of stuff. ...Why is it the elite media’s not doing that, sir?

Could you ask for a more sweetly pitched softball, Mr. Speaker?

A question like that is just why an appearance on Fox is so always so appealing for a fellow like Gingrich, who answered it with a typical riff of his own against the “elite media.” Typical meaning predictable, un-fact-checkable and forgettable.