Howard Kurtz of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” has scored an interview with the media star/slouch of the week. The Former Fox Mole, that is. Above is a short clip of some drama in the session, in which the Former Fox Mole says that the legal threats of his former employer are “completely baseless” and credits himself for breaking the company’s “code of omerta.” Here’s what we learn:

1) Not a lot — the clip is short and we’ll have to wait for the full interview Sunday;

2) The Former Fox Mole is clearly an associate producer, not talent, as his twitchiness in this short bit reveals;

3) The Former Fox Mole has little compunction about feeding dirt about Fox elsewhere;

4) The Former Fox Mole is giving himself credit for “revealing unflattering information about the inner workings of the company.” If only he had revealed unflattering information about the inner workings of the company!

Transcript of video above:

KURTZ: After you were caught, you wrote the following: “I am a weasel, a traitor, a sellout and every bad word you can throw at me.”

So you admit to betraying the news organization that was paying you?

MUTO: I believe — I believe everyone is aware of that at this point, Howard, that, yes. That’s true. I broke the code. I broke the code of omerta that was within FOX News and I went public.


KURTZ: Do you feel that you broke any law?

MUTO: I think their legal accusations are completely baseless, and they’re trying to intimidate me into silence because I’m revealing unflattering information about the inner workings of the company.