That never-ending car chase in Los Angeles this afternoon? Fox News was your place for every last turn in the coverage, at least among the three main cable networks. The dramatic action went down during Megyn Kelly’s “America Live” program, and the host very calmly took viewers through the action, explaining key points, including the apparent thrusting of cash money from the windows of the black Volvo SUV that was being pursued by a fleet of official vehicles.

After the cash-distribution moment, Kelly broke into the story with these words: “Something extraordinary is happening right now.”

Fox’s primary counterparts in cablespace for the most part passed up the block-winding chase. A CNN rep e-mails: “CNN did not cover the car chase....we’ve been really heavy with coverage surrounding the incident in Libya.” (The network did run a “tell” item on the outcome of the chase, but nothing live, and HLN, a CNN Worldwide network, “took it earlier,” notes another CNN rep). And an MSNBC rep notes, “We’ve been heavy on Libya....We didn’t do it.”

This is where a media critic is supposed to applaud MSNBC and CNN.

I cannot. Fox’s granular coverage of the chase had me transfixed — and when the network at one point went to a commercial, I flipped to a livestream on Somehow approximately 25 tweets shadowing Fox’s coverage of the chase wound up on my Twitter feed. So we’ll leave the CNN-MSNBC commendations to someone else.