Fourth in a sprawling series on Fox News’s Oct. 26 Benghazi story.

In a discussion on “Happening Now,” Fox News contributor Judith Miller bemoans the alleged absence of broad, mainstream media interest in Benghazi. Bias, she suggests, at the root of the problem: “I think the story, unfortunately, has been politicized, and it shouldn’t be politicized, It should be considered a story.” Miller issues a “shout-out to Eli Lake [reporter for the Daily Beast] and to Fox News and to the others who’ve been pursuing it.”

Kirsten Powers, another Fox contributor in the discussion, commends Jennifer Griffin, among others, for her reporting on Benghazi. Thus far, Griffin’s signature contribution to the reporting is this Oct. 26 story alleging that the CIA told security officials to “stand down” when the Benghazi diplomatic compound came under fire. That story yesterday sustained a broadside from intelligence officials, who contested its thrust and many of its details. Just guess how much attention Miller and Powers accorded to that dimension of the story.

The series so far:

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