The New York Observer wants you to believe there’s something that Fox News is covering up. Could be scandalous!

The Observer came up with some video of a Fox interviewer chatting up Jesse LaGreca, an impressive member of the “Occupy Wall Street” group. The footage captures a somewhat adversarial discussion, with LaGreca taking a swipe or two or three at Fox and its parent company, News Corp.

The scandalous part? According to the Observer, it didn’t air.

Well, here is an interview that Fox News filmed, but doesn’t want you to see. The segment was shot on Wednesday for Greta van Susteren‘s show, (though it looks like the same producer from this O’Reilly segment questioning Michael Moore‘s anti-capitalist agenda) though the decision was made to leave it on the cutting room floor. The reason should be obvious pretty quickly.

We’ll take the Observer’s word that this never aired (though we’re checking with Fox). So do we have a case of a cable network afraid of airing criticism of itself? Did LaGreca just nail them a bit too hard? Censorship?

No, just good editing. The exchange goes heavy on talking points and light on news value. Blame for those insufficiencies hardly rests with LaGreca, who speaks clearly and persuasively. It’s just the interviewer; he’s terrible. His questions are circuitous and barely intelligible, and LaGreca deserves props for not coming down harder on him. Can’t we get a better producer out on the streets, Fox?