You’d think Fox News would learn.

Following the Aug. 23 earthquake, the cable news channel reported that the Washington Monument might be tilting.

Wrong. It wasn’t tilting.

This week carried a story that Big Ben, in London, is tilting. Wrong again, right?

No, correct. AP is reporting the Big Ben Bend and so are other outlets. In fact, the Fox account comes from AP.

Big turn of events for Fox News, then. As of last week, the news outlet was batting .000 on the issue of leaning landmarks. The Big Ben thing puts them at a far more respectable .500. And Fox owes that better-than-Ty-Cobb average to the AP, which it loves to bash.

The key? Sourcing. Fox relied on the rantings of some random “D.C. cop” for the scoop that the Washington Monument was tilting. The AP’s Big Ben story, meanwhile, rests on “documents recently published by Britain’s Parliament.” Difference there.