Mitt Romney has turned black, at least according to a graphic that appeared on a Fox News program today. Have a look — this is strange even by the standards of this Republican race.

That comes on top of the channel’s mislabeling states in its on-screen maps.

That comes on top of the channel’s mis-rendering of a chart on unemployment trends, one that casts the economic record of the Obama administration in a less favorable light than facts warrant.

That comes on top of the fact that, effective November 2009, “there is zero tolerance for on-screen errors” at Fox.

And all that comes in light of Fox News chief Roger Ailes’s statement that his people simply do “better graphics” than everyone else.

In my Proprietary Book of Journalistic Standards, three hilarious errors like this constitute a scandal. Can we add these graphics screw-ups to the mandate of the Leveson inquiry?

Ooh, and Fox apologizes for the mistake: