Anyone looking to mount a case that the mainstream media performs thankless work should have a look at the clip above. On a segment with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, Richard Miniter, author of the book “Leading from Behind,” goes into depth on the case of Valerie Jarrett, the Obama adviser whose tremendous influence on the administration was examined in Sunday’s New York Times.

Miniter and Kelly talk about: Jarrett’s Secret Service detail; Jarrett’s role as the president’s “liberal conscience”; Jarrett’s “establishment left” view and roots in an “African-American aristocracy”; Jarrett’s role in making waves with other “strong women.”

All that left was one big topic, which was, of course, media criticism. Here’s how Miniter managed that challenge:

This New York Times article we’ve been talking about is extraordinary because the New York Times has sort of waited, as have most of the mainstream media, more than almost four years to take a close look at Valerie Jarrett. This really should have been more closely looked at in ’08 or ’09, when her role was just emerging.

There you have it. A mainstream news org sinks time and money into investigating a central figure in the Obama administration, publishes the story two months before a pivotal election and it’s late to the story. Now that’s just the sort of baseless, no-minded, self-contradictory thinking that wins contracts for people at Fox News.