Bernard Goldberg, the Fox News contributor who frequently discusses media matters with Bill O’Reilly, didn’t approve of the reporting that NBC’s Ted Koppel has been doing on the scourge of ideologically driven cable TV. “He’s not a terribly thoughtful guy when it comes to issues involving the media,” Goldberg charged.

We’ll have to check Nexis, but that could well be the first time anyone in a public forum has ever singled out Ted Koppel, that master of deliberation and coolheadedness, as not thoughtful. Though such characterization placed him out on a limb, Goldberg did level a thoughtful critique of Koppel’s NBC specials on this topic, which is that the longtime ABC talent ignored reasonable voices that do get a great deal of air time on cable, Fox especially. It’s a suggestion that Koppel delivered a parody of cable, not an accurate reflection of cable TV. “What you can’t do if you’re a journalist is you can’t fill up your story only with stuff that supports your conclusion that cable TV is a bad thing.”