Bill O’Reilly went cultural on us last night. The topic was “Glee,” a Fox program that triggers the disapproval of O’Reilly because it appears to approve of “alternative lifestyles” for children. Of particular concern to O’Reilly: “This week, ‘Glee’ featured a teenage boy who sees himself as a girl.”

In came Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson to hammer the entertainment content:

I think here we go again, pandering to .3 percent of the American population who considers themselves transgender. Now I get to explain this to my 8-year-old if I just want her to see a nice family show with nice music. And by the way, in the same episode, there were two cheerleaders who apparently are lesbians with each other and they put on a sex tape. And, oh by the way, there are two seniors who are engaged to get married to each other, so I get to explain that at the same time.

Carlson apparently has a problem with people who are “lesbians with each other.” That’s her prerogative. But she really doesn’t have to explain any of this televised scandal to her child or freak out about how such programming induces kids to “experiment” with homosexuality. She could just turn off the television. If it’s like most models, it has an on/off switch.