Roger Ailes (AP Photo/Richard Drew, file) (RICHARD DREW/AP)

It’s her prerogative to cancel the subscriptions of anyone she doesn’t like. It’s Sherman’s prerogative to write about the experience.

And it’s the prerogative of Andrea Tantaros, a Fox News co-host of the hit show “The Five,” to slime Sherman on Twitter for...reporting. Here’s what she’s posted:

The “harasser” @gabrielsherman of NY Mag stoops 2 new low going after Roger Ailes’ wife. What do u expect from a Soros puppet?


Fox News CEO is one thing, his family - private citizens- is another But not to the harasser @gabrielsherman, aka stalker media.

I’ve reached out to Fox News in an attempt to learn just what Sherman has done to qualify as a “harasser,” beyond conveying to the public the fact that he can no longer get his fix from the Putnam County News and Recorder. No word yet from Fox, and Sherman declined comment for this post.

And what of this allegation that Sherman is a “Soros puppet”? That must be a reference to his having secured a New America fellowship for 2013, a distinction that’ll assist him in finishing out his Ailes biography. According to the New America Foundation’s funding page, George Soros-related groups are among the many funders of the foundation. New America received $895,000 from Soros-related groups toward a budget of $17 million in 2011 and has commitments of $95,000 toward a budget of $19 million in the current fiscal year.

Now for the irony, a staple of stories about Fox News and actual journalism: According to accounts by Sherman and Bill Keller of the New York Times, Ailes is working with Fox News’s Jim Pinkerton to produce his autobiography. Pinkerton was a fellow of the New America foundation “off and on” from 2000 to 2009, according to the foundation. Ergo, Ailes’s own book is in the hands of a former Soros puppet.