In a media-crit face-off this morning on Fox News, Andrea Tantaros tangled with commentator Bob Beckel, who dismissed the notion that the media is cheerleading for President Obama. That whole idea, said Beckel, is based on an outdated idea that the three broadcast networks run the media. That’s when Tantaros went off:

Where do the broadcast networks get their news? They get their news from the New York Times, from newspapers across the country, which are mostly owned by the same media conglomerate. So it’s everyone from the Buffalo News to the Chicago Tribune — all of these editorial boards are editorializing in favor of the president or not doing their job.

The Buffalo News is owned by Warren Buffett. The Chicago Tribune is owned by the Tribune Company. More Tantaros:

Now we have guns running over the border in Mexico, a dead border agent. We have a dead ambassador. How many more people need to die before the media starts to do their job and ask the tough questions?

Beckel responded that Tantaros had gone “too far” with that one, even though the Beltway media has indeed failed to pursue the White House aggressively enough on Libya.