On Fox News’s “Happening Now” moments ago, commentator Judith Miller said that the Republican National Convention kicked up one clear conclusion:

It’s just so obvious, the bias is now so obvious, when you have one commentator after another, from Tom Brokaw to Chris Matthews, talking about “very dark” and how Chris Matthews said a “jingoistic” speech referring to Gov. Romney. I really didn’t detect that. It’s just, the bias is, it’s not “Leaning Forward” [MSNBC’s slogan], it’s leaning leftward. And if that’s what people want...

Or perhaps “Leaning Progressively.”

The Brokaw jab could be connected to the following clip, in which Brokaw took issue with a line in Condoleezza Rice’s speech.

Rice said that “it does not matter where you came from, it matters where you are going.” Brokaw took issue, saying, “Well to a lot of delegates, on this floor, it does matter where President Obama came from. Because they’ve been very critical of his Kenyan father, who had a different faith than many of them would embrace and they’ve raised lots of questions about where his ultimate loyalty is.”

That isn’t just fair and reasonable commentary. It’s awesome commentary.

Next: Miller cited Matthews for his appraisal of Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech. Matthews said, among other things, that the address was “very dark, very jingoistic, very anti-scientific,” not to mention “piggish,” which is one of the English language’s most value-neutral terms.

Why Miller didn’t strafe Matthews for his petty remarks about Romney’s behavior after the celebrated speech by Ann Romney suggests that Miller needs to click on more media-criticism videos. Matthews had a problem with how Romney looked and appeared, and he communicated that problem with these words:

I thought that Romney coming out there like that is so much like the fellow that I’ve called a conehead who doesn’t quite seem like an earthling, the way he came out at the end there. And I think there’s a real contrast between a real human being who’s married to the guy and the rather woodenlike figure that came out to acknowledge all of this love that she was pouring on him...

Peer Rachel Maddow at that point cut off Matthews, earning a big portion of her salary.

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