Credit Megyn Kelly and Fox News for snaring an interview with Mark Block, the man at the center of today’s news cycle. Block is Herman Cain’s chief of staff, and he stars in a viral ad for the candidate.

In the spot, Block mouths the standard Republican cant about taking back this country and then does something highly un-standard. He takes a drag on a cigarette.

Everyone wanted to know what was up with the smoke, and Kelly burrowed right into it in a segment this afternoon, triggering this reply from Block:

The message behind the ad was to our supporters that we’re on a roll, we’re excited about what’s happening. There was no subliminal message — in fact, I personally would encourage people not to smoke.

Right there, Block teed up the most obvious question in the history of broadcasting: Okay, Mr. Block, if you would personally encourage people not to smoke, why are you modeling that behavior in a national political ad?

Kelly, ever the electrifying interviewer, took a different tack. She proceeded to say the most amazing thing ever said on a television set, a string of words that featured a little bit of everything: non-sequiturs; conspiratorial premises about the structure of the American working class; a baffling reference to working in the Motor City, where unemployment could exceed 40 percent; a lack of awareness that American farm hands are driven so hard that they have no time to smoke; a suggestion that you have to smoke to be a real American; and uncertainty over whether she was posing a question or not. The following is a transcript of the question, but it’s much better on video:

Were you trying to appeal to, you know, folks who are out there, you know, living real lives, working the farm, working in Detroit — you know, that kind of thing, as opposed to the East and West Coast elite, people in media circles who shun smoking? And you know, sort of real American things?”

Block sort of responded in the affirmative.

Does Megyn Kelly smoke? Or is she part of the media elite that shuns smoking?