Fox News’s Megyn Kelly in the clip above unleashes harshness on Reuters White House correspondent Caren Bohan, who used her question in today’s press conference with President Obama to press him on the European economic crisis, among other matters. Kelly:

I don’t know that the woman from Reuters was thinking, asking all those questions about Europe on the No. 1 opportunity of the press conference, which is an honored role to be in, when the president turns to you and asks you first.

Europe can never be the first question at an American press conference! The very concept of Europe cannot be mentioned till at least the fifth or sixth question.

Of course, there’s a reason Kelly didn’t recognize what Bohan was doing, and that’s because it was journalism. Here’s how that goes — Bohan was at work on a story about the killer European economic crisis and how it could affect the U.S. presidential election. So when she got a chance to ask the president a question, she chose a topic germane to her in-process story. “I’ve been writing a lot about the European crisis and it has the potential to have a huge impact on the U.S. economy,” she says. Another reason that Bohan asked the question, Megyn Kelly, is that Reuters, as Bohan tells me, has a “large readership in the financial community,” not to mention a “much broader readership” interested in politics and economics.

Nor was Bohan’s focus singlemindedly European. “[Kelly] should take a closer look at my question. I asked him if he’s going to unveil new measures for the economy and I asked him if he was going to give a speech.” Yeah!

In fairness to Kelly, she was hit the president harder for his skimpy question-taking than she did the media. But it’s always a good segment on Fox if you can bruise both with a single swing of the elbow.