Media mogul Glenn Beck is showing some self-awareness, or something. In this clip below, Beck starts off by expressing shock that the story of the White House shooter hasn’t gotten more media attention.

Then he goes off on a line — check that, zigzag — of argument that, once again, cannot be paraphrased without the assistance of the Glenn Beck User’s Manual. I would normally do my best to abridge, but I cannot, so transcript is the only way to go:

If something happens to this president, the press is complicit. The press should go on trial themselves. The press is dangerously out of control, dangerously out of control.


The press is a danger to our country. The evidence is all there. Remember, Lee Harvey Oswald was stirred up by Marxists. Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian from Jordan. Martin Luther King, killed by a crazy racist. And the Nation of Islam behind the killing of Malcolm X. Should we pay attention to the patterns of history, or was that just unique? What do you think? The press is beyond irresponsible. They are entering the territory of criminal and . . .

Now for the only part that’s comprehensible without the Glenn Beck User’s Manual:

I apologize for any part of it I’ve played. We are doing our best.