Credit goes to Mediaite’s Jon Bershad for writing 242 words in an attempt to sum up a recent Glenn Beck rant on GBTV. Bershad points out that Beck warned of a dark end with these ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests: “It ends in violence with Marxists every single time,” said Beck.

Mediaite should give Bershad a bonus for his work, because Beck has by now reached the point where he’s virtually unabridgeable. You can listen to what he says; you can write it down; you can listen again to what he says; you can write it down again. Yet connecting the dots among Beck’s various thought bubbles requires more expertise than a journalist can bring to the task.

Analysis, after all, is impossible in the absence of understanding. And go ahead, try to understand this:

Once you start going for hate, and this is what Marxists always do, they always pit people against each other — classes. They always say...they have something you should have. They took it from you. It is the definition of evil but why would we be surprised when one of the dedicating pages that Saul Alinsky was to Lucifer, the first rebel, the first real revolutionary? Of course it’s wrapped in hate. These people are encouraging hate....I have nothing personally wrong with the president. I’ve been asking the president to tell the truth on who he really is. The man’s a Marxist. The man is a die-hard Marxist that taught Saul Alinsky. He is a man who is for revolution. He sees America as the oppressor nation, period. That’s who he is. If they don’t like it, that’s fine — that’s totally fine. I’m sorry but I’ve studied this man now for three years. I know all of his connections. I know the people who are in his party, standing around him. Do you want me to play the four minutes of about 10 seconds cut each of the people that surround him that have called for revolution in this country?...Why don’t we do that?