The Boston Globe today reports that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney remained chief executive and chairman of [Bain Capital] three years beyond the date he said he ceded control, even creating five new investment partnerships during that time.”

The Globe brought a heavy dose of document-based reporting to its pursuit, citing all manner of SEC disclosures. But the subject of Romney and Bain is a popular one, and other outlets have visited the timing of Romney’s Bain departure. On Tuesday, for instance, TPM published a story titled, “No, Romney Didn’t Leave Bain in 1999.” It, too, cited SEC filings. On Twitter today, TPM’s Brian Beutler wrote: “Funny, this bombshell Boston Globe report ( doesn’t include the words Talking, Points, or Memo!

Mother Jones’s David Corn and Nick Baumann addressed the Romney-Bain-departure matter just before Independence Day.

The original Globe story, however, contained no credit for these outlets. The Globe is now working to patch over the omission. When I pinged Christopher Rowland, a co-author of the Globe story, he responded with a statement sourced to Globe editor Marty Baron. Here it is:

Pieces of this story were reported by other news organizations. We believe the Globe advanced the story with a more comprehensive and complete look that broke significant news and included additional documents. However, our policy is to give credit to other news organizations for their work. In the editing and shortening process, I have learned, passages giving credit were removed. That was a mistake, and we are now adding appropriate credit back to the online version.

Rowland says via e-mail that TPM and Mother Jones will get their due in the edits. Beutler is rooting for an “as first reported by [Mojo/TPM]”