A Republican state senator from New York got filleted on Fox News last night for having the temerity to condemn Hank Williams for his Hitler-invoking ways.

A groupthink team consisting of Sean Hannity, Deirdre Imus and Tony Katz were all agreeing that Williams should never have been booted from his Monday Night Football job for saying that President Obama playing golf with John Boehner was like “Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.”

Also on the panel was New York state Sen. Greg Ball, who, when asked if he agreed with everyone, said, “Actually I don’t. I think it’s a pretty stupid comment.” From that point onward, Ball wasn’t able to manage a single uninterrupted thought. The back-and-forth, if you want to call it that, yielded some craven moments.

Craven Moment No. 1: Imus asks: “Is ESPN owned by Disney, though?” Hannity confirms that indeed it is. Imus: “There you go.”

Craven Moment No. 2: Katz notes, “This is ESPN. They were okay with a Vegas radio duo talking with Mike Tyson about the rape of Sarah Palin. That was okay. But this isn’t okay?” How many false equivalencies can you count here? Facts: That Vegas radio duo was interviewing Tyson, and Tyson just started spewing that heinous garbage about Palin. Tyson is not the public face of a pivotal ESPN product, as was Williams.

Craven Moment No. 3: As Ball attempted to make a point about the controversy, Imus jumped in: “See, this is what we’re dealing with! This is why we have the problem we do have in this country. ‘Cause look us — this is so polarizing. What he’s saying I completely disagree with, it’s so crazy to me.”

Is Imus alleging that cable television is abetting the polarization of America? No way!